Ming Furniture Exhibit

mingfurnitureHaving started in May, a Ming-style classic Chinese furniture display section was set up in the lobby of the Lai Shing Holiday Resort, a Chinese culture themed hotel in Changping Town. The Ming-style furniture features rare imported hardwoods like jichi wood whose pattern resembles some birds’ dark wing feathers. Ming-style jichi wood tables and chairs are used in every guestroom of the hotel to add the classic feeling.

In Ming Dynasty, imported hardwoods from South and Southeast Asia were largely flown into China due to the openness of the country, which brought a revolution in furniture materials. The properties of high density in oils and resins with fine grain makes these hardwoods more stable, durable and rot and insect resistant, allowing the furniture to be constructed without glue and nail but from jointery and doweling. Nowadays, all these hardwoods are called “red wood”, and still used in Ming-style furniture.