In the Local Media: August 2013

Dissected Taxi In the early morning of July 4, a speeding BMW soaring along Dongcheng’s Bar Street hit a taxi in the intersection of Dongcheng South and Dongcheng Zhi Roads. After the crash, 45-year-old taxi driver Wang Xingchun struggled out of the car and stumbled over to the sports car that ended up smashed into the stone foundation of a security booth. It was then he noticed his car was cut down the center with one half lying in the middle of the road and the back section thrown ten meters away. Wang and a security guard sitting next to the booth were sent to hospital. The driver was charged by traffic police for driving under the influence of alcohol. (

Fake Whiskey, Real Plaque On the morning of July 5, the Dongguan People’s Procuratorate, an agency responsible for prosecution and investigation, was presented with a plaque by representatives from spirits company Pernod Ricard and Diageo in recognition of their work fighting intellectual property violations. Last year, tens of thousands of fake Chivas and Black Label bottle labels and caps were found in a residential Dalingshan home, leading to the arrest of Chen Jingxing. From July 2011 to August 2012, Chen was indicted for making and selling over 548,000 fake labels from expensive whiskey brands earning more than RMB 260,000. He was sentenced to four years and six months in prison and fined RMB 150,000. (South Daily)

Crane Crash, Discovery A crawler crane weighing 55 tons tipped over from its assignment at the R2 metro construction site and crashed down on three cars on the afternoon of July 8. Three people were injured and sent to hospital. Three days later, a notice was released by the housing construction bureau initiating an overall examination for heavy machinery on housing and infrastructure construction sites.Two similar cranes at the Xiping stop and Hongfu Road stop of the R2 Line were suspended from action. They were found to be damaged and lacking maintenance. (Dongguan Daily, Guangzhou Daily)

Drug, Break, Defraud In July, a gang of eight was on trial in Dongguan No. 1 People’s Court for the crime of battery and blackmail.Ten underage youngsters were rescued from Zhongtang Town, Zhongshan and Qingyuan when the suspects were arrested. The troubled teens were recruited and promised an income of more than RMB 2,000 per day. Upon agreeing, they would be given ketamine, a powerful tranquilizer, before their arms were fractured while in an unconscious state. Split into groups of passengers, the con artists would create traffic accidents in order to bilk drivers for compensation. (

Adlib First Aid As Zhou Jianming of Nanya village, Daojiao Town rode his motorcycle home on July 8, he was stopped by a soaked little girl in search of help for her drowning friend. Zhou ran to the bank of the river to find the boy had already been rescued by a fruit vender, but the unconscious boy looked pale and his body was rigid. Without knowledge of first aid skills, Zhou decided to turn the boy upside down, lift his ankles over his head and run around. After ten minutes the young boy is reported to have finally ejected water and began crying. (

Hit, Yell and Run Seven bicyclists were injured, four seriously, when they were hit by a black Honda while on their way to work on Fengying Road in Fenggang Town. According to a victim surnamed Chen who suffered minor injuries, the driver remained in his car for almost two minutes before exiting the vehicle to yell at onlookers. “Call the police. Help, help!” he said. Then he walked to the crime scene before suddenly sprinting in the direction of downtown, leaving his car at the scene. (

Pure Breed Lost Virginity Claiming that her dog was meant to be kept chaste for science, a Guangzhou resident demanded payment from her neighbor, a man surnamed Lin. She wanted RMB 100,000 in damages generated by the dogs’ copulation. Lin refused to compensate the loss of canine virginity because he thought the female dog had seduced his into mating. The complainant reported the incident to police, but they didn’t accept the case due to an absence of correlating laws and regulations. The matter was solved after the lady stole Lin’s dog and threatened to castrate the animal. According to the reports, Lin and his wife abandoned their pet in hopes that the accusations and complaints would end. (Guangzhou Daily)

Good Samaritan Law China’s first good Samaritan law was drafted in Shenzhen, and is about to take effect on August 1. The legislation is one of the shortest regulations in Shenzhen, the law has only 10 articles and about 700 words, but it has raised attention nationwide. Considering the numbers of accusations and cases taken against do-gooders, the law aims to protect the legal rights of unlucky rescuers if they are sued by their “victims.” The new regulations place burden of proof on would be litigants, who must now provide evidence of wrongdoing in Shenzhen. Those who falsely accuse their saviors can face legal consequences ranging from a public apology to fines and even detention. (