For All Ages


PALS Family Restaurant and Bar

When PALS opened a few months ago they heavily promoted that they were a bar where you could bring your family. So much so, that I felt, as a young single man, for me to go would be inappropriate. I was partly right.

When I went there one Saturday afternoon they were hosting a children’s birthday party. The party was taking place in their garden, and it looked like a lot of time and effort had been put into the event.

They also show a movie for kids every Saturday evening on the 72” flat screen downstairs where there is a playpen. They have even installed security cameras so that you can go and sit upstairs to enjoy a drink while still making sure your kids are not getting up to any mischief. While I was right to think PALS is great for families, I was wrong to assume that they did not cater to those that do not have families.

They show live sports and they have a pool table and darts boards but what impressed me was their selection of beers. I was surprised to find a favorite of mine, Punk, on draught. It is hard enough to just find a bottle of the pale ale in China. I was also intrigued to find PALS had their own lager and ale. I think it’s a fantastic idea and hopefully more bars will do the same.

PALS is a relatively new bar and, like many other new businesses, there seem to be some teething problems. The staff was friendly but the service was a little slow. The Chicken Parmesan I had was delicious but the set lunch my friend ordered came without the daily soup listed on the menu. I ordered a bottle of Moosehead ale but was given the lager instead. Despite these minor issues I would still recommend PALS. It’s as great for kids who love to play in ball pens as it is for grownups who love a pint of pale ale.