New Shilong Station

In Brief_New Shilong StationThe oldest railway station in Dongguan, the 103-year-old Shilong Station in the center of Shilong Town, stopped its passenger business on January 8 and moved to a new location about 2.7 kilometers southeast on the border of Shilong and Chashan. Due to the small scale of the old station, it had been mainly focusing on the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong route. But with new facilities and a bigger area, the new station will open more provincial and national lines in the future, and plans to connect to the Dongguan R2 rail line. But the outlined Hong Kong border checkpoint has not been realized yet. The new Shilong Station has been renamed as the Dongguan Station since June 2013, changing the old Dongguan Station in Changping to the Changping Station.