Surprise Forecast: King City

Chinese nightclubs were a novelty for me when I moved to Dongguan. Instead of a dance floor there was a singer on a stage. The girls were friendly and along with my friends we would play dice games, which was a fun way to learn the language.

Bar REVIEW-feb

Two years later and the novelty has long since worn off. When I just want to dance, I have to watch some Chinese singer who thinks they are Michael Jackson while the girls help themselves to my alcohol without asking. Whole nights are wasted playing dice games.

It’s fair to say that I went to review King City with low expectations. The nightclub turned out not to be exactly what I anticipated, but it was just something slightly different rather than something completely new.

The girls did not just drink the alcohol that I bought. They at least asked first. We did not play dice games. We played Tic-tac-toe by moving shots of beer on a playing board. There were no Chinese singers who thought they were Michael Jackson. There were foreign singers who thought they were Michael Jackson.

The nightclub looked stylish and new. There was no dance floor but you could choose to sit at the bar instead of taking a table. The staff was attentive and a few spoke English. The menu seemed to emphasize quality European beer bought by the bottle rather than cheap Chinese beer bought by the bucket.

The location is quiet and scenic, but it seems better suited to a restaurant or a cafe. The advantage of the nightclubs in Dongcheng is that most of them are in stumbling distance from each other, so even if you don’t like one there is always another close by, but King City is isolated where it is in Nancheng.

King City does what you expect a Chinese nightclub to do and it does it well. Two years ago, I would have likely recommended at least checking it out. Now I would probably advise giving it a miss.