The Candy Store: Funin Beer

bar reviewFunin Beer is not the kind of bar you would go to watch the game, take a date or show a client. It’s small and cramped, there’s no bathroom and worst of all Justin Bieber blares out the speakers.

In many ways it shares more in common with shops that sell German beer than it does with Bar Street. What makes Funin Beer worthwhile, however, is its choice of imported beer.

I went along recently with some friends to sample some of the selection.

Half of the bar is dedicated to displaying all the different beers. They have beers that are dark, white and amber from countries like France, Belgium and the Netherlands. They have Indian Pale Ale that was brewed in the U.S. and California Pale Ale brewed in Aberdeen. They have fruit beer and chocolate beer. They have more wheat beers than the shops that sell German beer and they have more craft ales than the pubs on Bar Street.

The first beer chosen was Brewdog Dead Pony Club, a California Pale Ale by a Scottish brewery. It had a zesty taste and may even be better than Brewdog’s more famous beers, considerably lighter too at only 3.8 percent.

Next came Trappist Rochefort 10, brewed by monks in Belgium. At 11.3 percent it was closer to a spirit than a beer in terms of strength. It’s worth trying once, but be careful not to have too many. Afterwards was Young’s Chocolate Double Stout. It tasted similar to Guinness, much sweeter, but just as heavy.

Finally there was a Moosehead lager. Following the heavy chocolate stout and the strong monk ale it was time for a lighter beer that was more familiar. Funin Beer has plenty of other well known beers such as Corona, Hoegarden and Duvel.

This is what the place is all about. It is experimenting with different beers, discovering new breweries and learning about a kind of ale you never knew even existed.

Funin Beer may not be much of a bar, but it has the greatest choice of imported beer in town. If you are looking to try something new or searching for an old favorite then Funin Beer can feel like being a kid in a candy store.

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