It Has Risen: Martin’s Bakery

0414_ResReviewA bakery in Dongguan can be like a mirage in the desert. Walking down the street you find the warm glow of a newly opened bakery. Look in the window to see fresh bread and delicious cakes. The mirage soon disappears, however, with the first bite. Your face crunches up with confusion and you ask yourself, “Why does my bread taste sweet? Why is there a hot dog in my cake?”

What strikes you first about the German bakery is the selection. Choose from over twenty breads including brioche, campaillou and laugenstange. They also have more than a dozen meats available such as mortadella, lyoner and Vienna sausage.

It is great to have such choice when it comes to ordering a sandwich. Although the lack of a set menu can be somewhat daunting, the staff is happy to make a recommendation. The manager’s suggested a sandwich with nordländer bread filled with lyoner meat topped with cheese and pickles.

While there may be no set menu for the sandwiches there is a variety of traditional German and Austrian dishes available to order with highlights such as the Vienna schnitzel and German cheese noodles. The currywurst, German sausage topped with a tomato and curry sauce, comes highly recommended.

Martin’s Bakery name is slightly misleading as it is as much a restaurant as it is a bakery. They have a large space with plenty of seating that looks out upon the trees and plants. The tables are made from a dark wood that make them look like they have been taken from a beer hall. It’s somewhere to go to eat out as much as it is somewhere to pick up an order.

Before getting too carried away it is worth mentioning that Martin’s Bakery is in Dynatown and much of what they sell is imported, so expect to pay that sort of prices. For example, the currywurst was RMB 75. Despite being expensive, what you get at Martin’s Bakery is worth the money spent. The manager plans to open an outside seating area in the future and if they continue the way they are they will need that extra space sooner rather than later.