It’s A Happenin’ Town: Vintage

0514_BAR REVVintage advertises itself as a bar that specializes in rare and imported whiskeys. Having already been made popular in cities like Beijing and Shanghai, Vintage is looking to bring the whiskey bar to Dongguan.

The bar certainly looks the part. On one side is a long marble bar and on the other side are large leather armchairs. There are glass cabinets full of rare whiskey and imported cigars. The likes of Frank Sinatra play quietly in the background.

Yet the bar does not quite come together the way it should. The chairs are not as comfortable as they look and are positioned awkwardly. The music is relaxing, but it is so quiet that even a whisper or a cough is heard.
Vintage looks classy and expensive, but it feels like being in the lobby of a luxury hotel waiting for someone rather than being comfortable and snug drinking whiskey with a friend.

In its choice of whiskey, Vintage does not disappoint. The most expensive bottles that can be bought in the bars and clubs of Bar Street appear on the menu here as the cheapest available. Don’t expect to find any Jim Beam or Jack Daniels.

Vintage specializes in single malt whiskey, some of which were bottled as far back as the 70’s. They offer a wide range of whiskeys from renowned distilleries such as Glenmorangie and Lagavulin. A shot of these 30-year-old bottles, however, costs around RMB 250. The 10-year-old bottles are more affordable at roughly RMB 100.

The bar also has a small selection of cocktails available for those who do not want whiskey and they have a cabinet of imported cigars for those who really want to relax.

The service was attentive and the bartending was meticulous. They were smartly dressed and waited patiently on the customers. It was a long way from the staff at some other bars around town, who slouch at the bar checking their WeChat.

Vintage is worth the trip for whiskey connoisseurs, but if you do not care about the difference between Talisker and Glenmorangie than it is probably best to give it a miss.