360 Degrees: Turning Heads

0614_Rest ReviewThe Houjie International Hotel is the tallest building in Houjie and on its forty-eighth floor is possibly the most unusual restaurant in Dongguan. The dining room at the 360° Revolving Restaurant opens up views of the city.

A rotating restaurant, in theory, might make some diners queasy, but the pace is hardly noticeable; it completes one rotation every hour. While the view in Houjie is not as spectacular as it is in places like Hong Kong or Guangzhou, at night it is still interesting to watch illuminations dance around town and during the day you can see as far as the Taiwanese Businessmen Building in Nancheng.

The restaurant offers a wide selection of seafood, pastas and pizzas, but their steaks are most impressive. The tenderloin Angus, imported from Australia, is one of the best around. The lobster also comes recommended, although the plate is quite large so be sure you have an appetite to match. All the dishes are presented in such elegant fashion that it makes you feel guilty about eating the food.

There are fifty wines to be paired with the meal, and for those not wishing to drink wine, they have a long list of cocktails and bottled beers. If you fancy a cocktail, their bartender makes a decent Old Fashioned.

The restaurant is on the top floor of one of the more luxurious hotels in Dongguan and the service reflects that. The staff came and went at the right times, were on hand when called upon, and able to deal with any requests.

The service, the food, and the view make the 360° Revolving Restaurant good for a special occasion, be it a friend’s birthday or a wedding anniversary. Recently the hotel has been running promotions such as a set lunch for two for only RMB 128. While those prices are cheaper than many of the restaurants in Dongcheng, some diners might not want to travel as far as Houjie. Either way, the 360° Revolving Restaurant is a unique dining experience for Dongguan.

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