Road Light: A Yellow Signal

0814_Bar reviewThe South China Mall in Wanjiang may be famous for all the wrong reasons, but in the past year it has been going through something of a redevelopment. Recently, cafes, restaurants and bars have been opening. One of these is Road Light, a bar that offers imported beer, cocktails and snacks in a small but relaxing environment.

Inside the bar is a mural of some mysterious city along with vinyl records glued to the walls, postcards from all over the world dangling in the window and in the corner a traffic light that changes from amber to green.

In the corner there is a stage that looks like it is used for karaoke rather than live music. Thankfully no one goes up to the stage and instead a radio friendly mix of Kesha, Rihanna and Coldplay plays.

The menu is in Chinese, but there is a book shelf with all their beers so no translation is needed. A few years ago if I had seen beers like Vedett and Chimay then I wouldn’t have believed my eyes, but these days it feels like I see these in every bar in Dongguan.

As well as book shelves of beer, the bar also has a cocktail menu. The blue margarita ordered, however, arrived luminous green. When asked, the waitress insisted it was blue, which led to a rather surreal conversation about what is blue and what is green. Blue or green, the margarita was very bitter and tasted like it had too much tequila.

They also have a food menu, but they did not have the noodles, their fries were actually potato chips, and the pizza looked and tasted like it had been bought from the supermarket around the corner.

Road Light is bar with plenty of quirks; some of which are charming, some of which are not. For the moment it is probably not worth the trip to the South China Mall to visit, but as more cafes, restaurants and bars open in the area Road Light could well turn out to be part of a fun evening out.

Find Road Light bar here.