In the Local Media: January 2015

01_15_newsRetired Life A 60-year-old man was found living under the Xiangyang Road bridge on the Dongguan Canal for the last four years. With few belongings, a dirty bed linen and a simple brick stove, he catches fish and buys staples by recycling litter. He says he lost his right fingers in a factory and has no relatives in his hometown in Heyuan City’s Zijin County. When officials from Dongguan Rescue Station sent food and a quilt, he accepted them; but when they tried to convince him to live in a shelter, he refused. It seems perspective is relative. To some he’s living a harsh life. To others maybe it looks like retiring on the river to fish, only, the smelly canal might not be the finest locale. (

Long Lost Family A Sichuan boy, 17, found his family after being lost on the streets of Guangzhou nine years ago. The boy named Liu Junjie has been living in a children’s rescue center in Dongguan’s Zhangmutou Town. He ran out of his house in Guangzhou after a fight with his parents and got lost. Soon he was rescued and sent to the shelter. Although the shelter tried to find his parents three years ago by showing 4,000 pictures of parents from his hometown with the same name, his parents couldn’t be found. In December, Dongguan Times reported Liu’s story. On December 23, a man from Panyu District called in providing clues that led to the reunion of Liu and his mother Zhang Hairong. The next day, Zhang got in a car prepared by the paper to meet her son. Although the DNA results are not completed, they recognized each other and are sure they found their lost family. (

High on Hot Pot A meeting aimed at cracking down on counterfeit foods and medicines was held on December 11 in Shilong Town, revealing the latest findings in the shanzhai market. Opium poppy shells were found for the first time in hot pot flavor bag samples. Meaning to addict customers for return business, the ingredient is usually finely ground and hard to find due to the complex ingredient base. In fact, hot pot restaurants were found to have added this ingredient as early as 2009. In case you want to have a Chinese culture night, cooking a hot pot at home, stay away from flavor bags with extra long ingredient lists, unless you want to eat opium. (

Revenge Overkill After a refund dispute, the customer burned down the shop and neighboring stores. Around 4 a.m. on December 18, wielding a knife, the man surnamed Jiang broke in the back door at Guoqin Shopping Center in Liaobu Town, leaving after using a lighter to set fire in several spots, including the towel section. It burned for a few hours, spreading through 10 stores in the shopping center with a total loss exceeding tens of millions of RMB with 2,300 sq. meters burned. Jiang is in detention and faces up to 10 years in prison. (Dongguan Times)

Spy Watch After noticing that she was quoted on WeChat, a popular Chinese social app, for things she said before the class was dismissed, Ms. You, a teacher in Shanghai’s Pudong District, found that students were wearing monitors. Microphones in watches record and send data to a mobile device, in this case belonging to a student’s mother, causing You to complain that her privacy was being violated. The mother claimed the watch checked if her child was active in class, or if her child was bullied. Research in the school found many students were wearing the watches, especially in the first and second grade. In this matter, parents at a parent-teacher conference said they would remove the watches. (

Taxi Assault After arriving by bus at a Dongguan airport check-in at South China Mall with his family, Mr. Lai was refused and beaten by taxi drivers. On December 10, Lai solicited ten empty taxis and insisted on using the meter. None agreed to take the fare because the trip to downtown Nancheng was too short to make money. Knowing that the behavior violated professional standards, Lai took pictures with his mobile phone. Six or seven drivers demanded he delete the photos and when Lai refused, he was assaulted. Officials at the check-in admitted that phenomenon has existed for a few years and Wanjiang Traffic Police have taken action a few times without any improvement. Lai has made a formal report to the department of transportation. (