What if Saturday Night Live originated in China?

Land Shark Soup

(Credit Chris Crescenzo)

Last week the Internet lit up as quickly as Bill Murray’s wit when news broke that America’s beloved and long running skit comedy show, Saturday Night Live, would be arriving in China. The show will reportedly be on air by the end of the year or in early 2016 produced by Beijing-based Sohu.

The online video channel is looking to cut out a piece of the world’s largest online viewership with original content, by adapting an international successful brand. Sohu officials, according to the New York Times, said that many details, which include run time and whether or not the show will even be live, are yet to be decided. They were certain, however—and so are we—that this version will retain Chinese characteristics.


The Land Shark originally aired in 1975 to make fun of the hysteria (irrational fear) that affected the American masses after the blockbuster opening of Steven Spielberg’s JAWS, a film that follows three heroes into the deep sea to protect beach goers from a massive, homicidal great white shark. In the aftermath of the film, reports of shark sightings escalated intensely, and some say the seas most fearsome predator has suffered from it, being hunted down for sport ever since.