HK Check-In, Downtown DG

05_15_In Brief_HK Check-In, Downtown DGLocated in Nancheng across the street from the Kande Hotel, the horseshoe building in First International, Hong Kong International Airport opened an offsite baggage check-in center for the convenience of its travelers on April 15. By making a pit stop to check in at these terminals, then taking a bus to the Humen Port, you’ll arrive at the airport by ferry and your luggage should arrive at your destination without undue hassle. The center serves many major Asian airlines, including Cathay Pacific, Korean Air, China Airlines, Air Nippon and Singapore Airlines. To check for your favorite airline or get flight information among the 32 airlines that allow baggage tag through and the 82 airlines that use the pre-check-in service, call 22989809/10/12/13 for Chinese or limited English service. Return tickets to the Kande Hotel can be purchased on the ferry.