WeBar: Down the Street



The motto of the casual boozer that moseys into this place—located close enough to Dongcheng’s Bar Street to generate curiosity—should simply be, “have liver, will drink.” Kudos should be awarded for even thinking up a bar that this sufficiently lacks theme or motif.

Its generic brick walls, dicing tables, smooshed upper level seating area and sad little bar lined with Black Label and Hoegaarden suggested something uneventful could eventually happen. The musical selection for example, a monotonous silence, was broken only by another patron when his F1 gambling pick fell into second place. Could lack of theme actually be a theme, or is that too postmodern?

Pardon the cliché, but, it is what it is. Could a raucous, disorderly party with folks swinging from the chandelier break out suddenly? Could a black coach full of mafia mid-levels pull up, cordon off the bar and begin conscription for new members? Could a random expat wander too far from the usual guzzling grounds and discover WeBar’s hidden charms of solitude between a pet shop and a piano store?

All probable farces, considering the drinking options are cracked cleanly between the beer-slow-ride to intoxication and the life-in-the-fast-lane alcohol speedway. The beers are the usual no nonsense choices, a bit overpriced, but available marginally cheaper by the dozen. The slim selection of heavy stuff and cocktails implies that WeBar was originally conceived as a dicing hole for smoking locals to discover, or possibly opened by an alcohol supplier with a surplus. The staff was actually surprised at the chance for patronage, and the menu was given with a shaky nervousness. As for the menu, it’s the only English service point in the place.

Establishments like WeBar should be viewed with slight circumspect. Trying to break ground away from the Bar Street melee and into other areas of the city is quickly becoming a trend as new places appear in odder and odder locales. Though, without any clear direction, theme or plan, most don’t survive much longer than the time it’ll take to publish this article.

ADDRESS: Shop D7, Dongyang Huayuan, Dongcheng south Rd, Dongcheng
中文: 东城区东城南路东阳花苑D7号铺 (潮汇星城对面)