Expert Tips: Internet Speed

Internet speed has a direct link to premature baldness. If you’re losing hair and productivity, every little bit helps.

1015_WWW1Can’t listen to your favorite radio stream, or load your beloved YouTube? We know many of you are stuck with low-quality, low-intelligence Internet service, using crappy services from Baidu (thanks for the two pages of unmarked advertisement on top of the search results.) and Youku (we’re certainly not tired of those dull, repeating ads), or maybe you spend tremendous amounts of money on so-so Internet speeds. But what if we tell you now, that there are some tricks to modestly speed up your Internet, would you be impressed?

HERE! spoke with our VPN supplier and network consultant Joesan Zhao about how to improve Internet speed without actually upgrading your data plan.

Modem and Router

There are two very important pieces of hardware affecting your network speed. No matter how fast the Internet service comes in from the provider, if these don’t function well, the actual speed can be disappointing.

First, the modem should be an up to date model and function well without crashes or disconnects. In China, Joesan recommends domestic brands ZTE and Huawei and the international brand Thomson.

As for routers, go high-end with two channels, 2.4G and 5G. The 5G channel is so much faster than the regular 2.4G, which is the only option on most low-end routers. Joesan also points out that once you get a router with the 5G wireless channel, connect the desktop with the cable and other Wi-Fi required devices such as cell phones and tablets with the 5G signal. The order of the speed, from fast to slow, is cable, 5G and 2.4G. If you want your laptop to perform at its fastest, don’t connect with Wi-Fi at all.

Another trick to accelerate Internet speed is the Quality of Service (QoS) setup in the router. By controlling the percentage of bandwidth for types of uploads and downloads, you can prevent malicious downloads and uploads, and spend bandwidth on the most important services. Again, this function only exists on high-end devices, such as Netgear and Cisco.

Step-by-Step QoS Setup

1. Find your router’s internal IP address.
1015_WWW2Although different brands use different default internal IP address, brand names stick with one address. This information is listed in the owner’s manual and in many cases, on the back of the router. These four addresses are most often used:,,, If the address has been changed (quite rare), you will need to find it manually. There is plenty of information for it online.

2. Type the router’s IP address to enter into the router’s admin panel.

Untitled-13. Go to Network and click the QoS_Gargoyle (The name may differ according to brand.)
www_QoSLook for the keyword QoS. Set the QoS in the Upload Set window. For example, if you want your email function to get the best of your Internet speed, set the “upload_rule_300” under “destination port” to 25 and set the “upload_rule_400” under “destination port” to 110.

www_QoSIf you want to make the online surfing your priority, set the “upload_rule_100” under “destination port” to 80 and set the “upload_rule_200” under “destination port” to 443.


More Tips

If your Internet is slow, there’s a big chance you have a hardware problem. So look through the following list to check that your equipment is performing properly.

1. Is your computer generally slow? Scan for viruses regularly and try expanding the memory or changing the hard disk drive (HDD) to a solid state drive (SSD), it could accelerate computer speed by 100 percent.

2. Is someone on your network constantly using large amounts of data for movies or games? Set up traffic rules under Firewall in the router setting to regulate Internet accessibility and set data limits.

3. Some popular domestic software use a significant amount of traffic even when they are not being used. Video software, such as Youku, Tudou and PPTV, open on startup by default. Close them in the backdoor to avoid wasting bandwidth.

4. Are you using the notorious network provider Great Wall? This secondary Internet service provider doesn’t have its own network facilities and buys resources from China Telecom and China Unicom instead. In many cases, it can’t deliver the speeds it advertises, unless you are the only one on its service in the whole building or garden. Joesan recommends China Telecom as first choice for speed, followed by China Unicom and China Mobile.

1015_www4Finding Fiber Optic in Dongguan

These gardens districts or buildings are wired with fiber optic cable provided by China Telecom for the fastest speeds in the city. (All information subject to change without prior notice, for details go to

Dongcheng District
New World Garden 新世界花园
Dynatown 星河传说
East Town Center 东城中心
East Town Villas 东城山庄
Moon Bay Garden 金月湾花园
Dongtai Garden 东泰花园
King View Garden 景湖花园
New Century Villas 新世纪豪园
Sunshine Australia Garden 阳光澳园

Nancheng District
First International 第一国际
Fashion Island 时尚岛
TBA Tower 台商大厦
Century City 世纪城
Victory City Garden 凯旋城
Greentown Garden 格林小城
Hua Kai Hao Ting 华凯豪庭

Wanjiang District
Sheng Shi Hua Nan Garden 盛世华南
Jindi Bund 8 Garden 金地外滩8号

Guancheng District
West Gate Main Street Garden 西城楼大街

Houjie Town
Dingsheng Epoch 鼎盛时代
Mingzhu Garden 明珠花园

Chang’an Town
City Garden 城市花园
Lotus Garden 莲花苑
Wo Duo Fu 沃多夫
Zhonghui Shanpan Garden 中惠山畔名城

Humen Town
Vanke Zitai Garden 万科紫台花园
Dibiao Plaza 地标广场
Humen Zhai 虎门寨