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Good France Escoffier Gala Dinner – 7 Michelin star chefs descend on Guangzhou for a food extravaganza

Just outside Guangzhou, the Imperial Springs Resort, Conghua hosted a decadent Escoffier Gala dinner, March 19. Seven Escoffier Michelin trained chefs descended upon Imperial Springs for a one night only performance of gastronomic proportions. Showcasing dishes from their personal repertoires, and educating us mere mortals in the fine culinary art of cuisine, these chefs put on a lavish display of modern French theme.

Their job? To educate, entice, entertain and intrigue us. And they did exactly that. Champagne flowed as ladies arrived in shimmering gowns alongside smart looking chaps in cocktail attire, the atmosphere relaxed, full of laughter and anticipation of what was yet to come.The night commenced with pre-dinner cocktails and casual chit chat. Timothy Goddard, resident executive chef at Imperial Springs said,“Food is not just about food! It’s about how it brings us together, how we pass this knowledge to the next generation, how we celebrate our substance, not simply just for another day of survival but ultimately our enhancement of life, quality and health. The culinary ceremonies taking place each breakfast, lunch and dinner all over the world are forever evolving and quintessential to our civilization’s true success”.

“Food is not just about food! It’s about how it brings us together, how we pass this knowledge to the next generation, how we celebrate our substance, not simply just for another day of survial but utimately our enhancement of life, quality and health.”

That’s one hell of an explanation for why food is not just about food, and is indicative of those that hold true to the Escoffier tradition. To me, food is about a complete dining experience, culminating to enhance a diner’s appetite, and I’m not just talking about their stomach either.

In my opinion, when dining out one should feel an undeniable sense of style and ease; comfort but with a degree of class, all of course, in tune with the venue, whether it be a humble bistro or an upscale Michelin restaurant. Attention to detail is paramount, with service so finely tuned that service staff almost go unnoticed. And Imperial Springs Resort delivered exactly this. Everything seemed effortless. Like swans circling a lake,wait staff entered the room with our first course and exited almost unnoticed.

This eight course Nouvelle French menu comprised a signature dish personally designed by each chef as their contribution to the event. Each chef, trained at esteemed culinary properties throughout Asia, passionately interacted and educated the audience, allowing each and every guest to understand the art of modern French cooking.

And there were so many stand-out dishes: smoked salmon macaroon with fennel and apple slaw; tequila ceviche scallop ravioli with sea urchin and hibiscus; pan seared foiegras infused griottes and elderflowers; squid ink risotto with scallop saffron sauce, and lobster vol au vent with cognac sauce. This was a cacophony of food like no other.

Hosting over 320 guests, no doubt they encountered their share of hiccups coupled with seven highly charged trained egos. I’m pretty sure it was crazy town in the kitchen. Not to our eyes though, these chefs were nothing short of brilliant. Team work was on high display alongside comradery, it was obvious to see they were not just putting on an event together, but that they truly are great friends.

0416_DINE&DRINK-2What is Disciples Escoffier?

Disciples Escoffier International was created in Nice, France 1954 by a chef under Auguste Escoffier, Mr Ducroux. Today, this culinary institution embodies over 25,000 members worldwide. All disciples of Escoffier embody equality, appearance, knowledge, transmission, culture, modernity, generosity and unity.

To help develop the culinary education here in China, Escoffier International is working closely with relevant bodies to open in Northern and Southern China.