Tonya: A Taste of Japan


There’s a big chance that you will miss this restaurant as you walk by. It doesn’t so much as have an English logo or sign, but miss it at your peril: it’s very much a restaurant worth trying.

While most Japanese restaurants focus on Sushi and Sashimi, Tonya firmly focuses on its noodle dishes.

Entering the restaurant, you immediately receive a warm greeting from the staff: ‘Hello’ in Japanese or, should I say, kon’nichiwa. You are then led to the table and given a pencil to tick off your dishes.

There are four main noodle flavors: original, black garlic, seafood and spicy. You pick your soup (with or without green onion), then what kind of meat you want, and the texture of the noodles, etc.

Outside of the main dishes they have a splendid array of snack foods, such as fried chicken, dumplings etc. For drinks, they offer coke, lemon tea, oolong tea, as well as Asahi beer for the boozers. Once you finish your order the staff bring your food within ten minutes.


Despite the fact that one noodle dish is enough—I went for the original flavor (38 RMB)—it is well worth having a go at the fried chicken an excellent portion for just 20 RMB too, succulent and juicy.

Of course what you really want to know is about the taste. Well, we Cantonese know our soups; we are brought up on them. I can absolutely say that they have put a lot of effort in and the the soup is superb–they spend 18 hours making each batch, so it is very full flavored.

If you are in the Dynatown mall and need a fast but tasty bite, check out Tonya. It’s a bit different to other Japanese restaurants I have been to in Dongguan. And I like the fact that it’s so simple, convenient and fast. I have to say, it’s damn delicious.
No. 2029A 3rd floor of Dyna town mall (opposite side of the cinema)
东城星河城 东莞市东城区星河城3楼2029A商铺