More Malls Coming


If the number of international-style shopping malls is any kind of key index to evaluate a city’s overall globalization level, then Dongguan is certainly well on its way to the top.

A signing ceremony was held on May 12 for King Mall, to be located on the first five floors of the TBA Tower.

Dongguan’s tallest building has finally gained some real progress with the construction of its own shopping center. A soft opening is planned in October and officially opening in December. King Mall aims to attract the city’s high-end consumers with luxury fashion brands such as Chloé, Gucci, Versace, Alexander McQueen, Prada and Burberry at retailers like ATTOS Milano and NY Fashion. The mall will also include laser tag and maze, mini golf, a true escape room, archery and a Taiwanese food plaza.

The Hongfu Road Station will definitely soon be Dongguan’s densest zone for shopping malls. MYHILLS, a 15 storey hyper-mall by Minying Group is quickly rising across the street. One City, opening in September, is taking the other half of Haide Plaza (Kande Hotel). One Mall has been also rapidly expanding in the past year. Plus, who knows if the rumors about tearing down the Exhibition Center for another mall will eventually come true.