Summer Camp on Wheels


An international educational tour by recreational vehicle (RV) is being organized by a Chinese home school in Dongguan, from July 10 to September 10. The tour will start in Beijing and head to Russia from Manchuria. Later it will stop by Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

There will be four adults and a maximum of 12 students ranging from ages 7 to 16. The organizer, John Nie, of Golden Mountain Education in Dongguan, hopes that students can learn independence, confidence, and better understand different cultures following the trip.

“What I want students [to] learn the most is that they can take care of themselves. They will leave home, cook for themselves and take care of themselves,” John said. The entire course is designed to cover three parts of study: a basic curriculum, cultural experiences and community practices. During the trip, students will visit museums and attend festivals, as well as participate in local community activities and volunteer in organic farms.

If you are interested in joining their summer camp, please add WeChat: gmc0769