Blakester’s: The Future of Burgers


Blakester’s parades a distinctly Polynesian vibe, which extends from the logo all the way down to the homely—romantic, even—kitsch decorations. It’s not exactly what it is that quite catches your eye, but how it’s all done.

Coming from the perhaps unlikeliest background to create a future burger hotspot, owner, Blake Miller, and his girlfriend, Adella Li, hit the ground running. Blake cooks and comes up with the recipes, Adella sources the products and works the register.

Blake, homeschooled until age 18, spent two semesters studying before deciding he had enough with the frustrating adjustment and planned to move himself, and his entire life savings, out to Los Angeles. At nearly the same time, Adella suggested that they instead move to her hometown in China. Not long after, they had already arrived in sunny Dongguan.

0716_rest-review1The entire operation is homemade, which is great because you know they truly care. Blake talks carefully about his process for ordering specific types of meat, grinding it and how he selects ingredients.

“I wouldn’t call it stubborn, I’d call it insightful,” Blake retorts when describing his opposition to Adella’s father’s wishes to open a language school. “Today in China, everyone has a relative who’s opening a teaching company… I told him, why don’t we come and open a restaurant here?” and with that, Blakester’s was born.

The menu itself contains all the standard grease-shop options: burgers, fries, a few Tex-Mex items, pizza and some sides, which surprisingly gives patrons plenty to try before starting all over again.

First and foremost, it’s a burger place and it dutifully delivers. From the Sperm Whale, which is covered in peanut butter (explained as: because how do you know what whale juice is like?) to the Godfather, adorned with a whole gang of Italian sandwich-style ingredients. I’d be remiss if I neglected the various cheese-stuffed burgers that make you sadly wonder why evolution couldn’t somehow solve our problematic slow metabolisms.

For a quick break from the mundane, give Blakester’s a shot. And for maximum effectiveness, try living by Blake’s motto: “Stay happy, healthy and horny!” If works for him, it’ll probably work for you, too.

Address: No.106, Building 5, Tian Li Zhong Yang Garden, Xi Ping, Nancheng
地址: 南城区西平天利中央花园5栋106汉堡餐厅