Local Girl on Int’l TV Show

use-meThe latest Chinese reality talent show Sing! China, airing on Zhejiang and Malaysia Television, has gained a tremendous amount of attention from Dongguan fans lately due to 20 year-old local Zeng Minjie’s participation. In episode 7 on August 26, she successfully advanced to the top five from her team, which is coached by Jay Chou (a famous Taiwanese musician and producer), and finally beat her teammate with her unique interpretation of Shang Hen.

“I’ve rarely seen a girl sing so powerfully before,” commented one coach, Wang Feng. “She added some elements that showcase her skills, but you would think none of these skills are surplus.” Coming from a single-parent family, Zeng dropped out of school at 15 years old and quickly started to work in the music industry. Later, she signed with Dongguan Well Music, a renowned music creation and production company.

“I remember she came dressed in a white T-shirt with four of her friends,” recalled Rex Ren, director of Well Music. “To be honest, her image was not so attractive to me, but when she opened her mouth and sang, I was shocked. I hadn’t heard a voice with such personality and texture for a long time. To our surprise she was great and we signed her right away,” he said. In the upcoming episodes, Dongguan fans look forward to seeing if she can beat all the remaining challengers.