Just opening a couple of months ago is a colorful spot in the restaurant scene of DynaCity Shopping Center. The banner and pictures hung around advertise a bold Vietnamese cuisine, but if you take a closer look at the vibrant walls with white stucco, there’s a feeling that it might be something more than what you can collect from the decoration.

The staff is very nice while they accompany you to your table. A quick look at the menu will confirm the idea that this is not your standard Vietnamese eatery, but rather, a promising mixture of an Asian-European kitchen. This is not the first time I’ve seen a fusion cuisine in Dongguan, but it’s a pairing I haven’t yet met.

1016_rest-review1The offerings are mostly Vietnamese, but they do spice things up with a few baguette sandwiches, reminding you of the historic French connection to the Vietnamese kitchen.

I also quite enjoyed their practical ordering system. Along with a menu, comes a paper, which lists all drink and food options in both Chinese and English. Put a X next to your selections and hand the marked sheet back to the waitress. Simple.

We started our dinner with Deep Fried Spring Rolls, accompanied by a petite salad and sweet chili sauce. Since baguettes are seldom found on any menus at Chinese hotspots, we had to try one of those, too. The Lemongrass Pork Chop sandwich arrived sliced into near-bite-sized pieces. The cilantro and the marinated meat easily took the lead over the fresh bread. It’s a perfect appetizer, but also great as a quick lunch option. We continued on to both squid and tofu curries, which were both tasty, but unfortunately a bit lacking in spice.

When ordering, my dinner partner tends to ask for variations that are not on the menu. Thanks to our lack of Chinese knowledge and a typically less than flexible service, these requests usually fail to succeed. But not this time! The staff understood exactly what he wanted, quickly checked with the kitchen and voila, a satisfying, customized order. We really appreciated this.

All in all, the place is more focused on the Vietnamese palate. If you are happy pairing vermicelli and baguettes at a feel-good locale, you’ll probably love it here. We paid a pretty standard 240 RMB for the whole meal, which was surely worth the fun night out.

Address:Shop 3009, 3/F, Dynacity Mall, Dongcheng