How I Adopted Jia Jia

Some people love animals, others do not. No matter how you feel, there’s no excuse for abuse. Pain isn’t unique to humans and ignorance doesn’t dissolve this fact.

While I’m writing this article, Jia Jia was messing around beside my feet, trying to go out to play.

Jia Jia is a dog I adopted. Before she came to me, she spent her life fighting turbulence. Her first owner was a rich man, but didn’t care much about her.

20170515161008Eventually, Jia Jia became too much of a bother for him when she procured a skin disease and her hair began falling out. Instead of taking her to the vet for treatment, he decided it was easier to abandon her.

He would put her in the car, drive to some faraway place and leave her. But Jia Jia, incredibly smart as she is, always found her way home. Instead of rewarding her loyalty and attachment, he beat her for coming back.

She later became pregnant, but he hit her still. Jia Jia probably stared back at him, wondering why he hated her. What had she done wrong?

Finally, her first owner grew bored of trying to ditch her. He gave Jia Jia to a delivery worker and asked him to carry her as far away as he could and leave her behind.

The driver brought Jia Jia to his company in the remote countryside in Dongcheng and threw her in an old warehouse. Most of the time he forgot about her, but whenremembering, he’d bring her a few scraps of food. Surely, she was starving, but Jia Jia treated this delivery man as her second master. Anytime she heard an electric bike, she’d excitedly spring out to welcome him.

Unfortunately, Jia Jia’s second master quit his job a half-year later and so, she officially became a homeless dog. The poor animal didn’t know the man would never come back and she kept waiting for the sound of the bike every day. Still, she survived.

In a garden nearby the warehouse, where the staff of the company often rested and ate, she sometimes found bites of food. Occasionally, a girl from the company gave her some dog food. She always found a way.

He would put her in the car, drive to some faraway place and leave her. But Jia Jia, incredibly smart as she is, always found her way home. Instead of rewarding her loyalty and attachment, he beat her for coming back.

Then, she got pregnant again and had five puppies. Bad went to worse when the boss of the company discovered them. He considered Jia Jia and her litter a health threat and said the dogs had to leave or he would kill them.

The girl who was giving Jia Jia food sent out a SOS for someone to take in the animals. Luckily, I got the message.

When I first saw Jia Jia, she didn’t have a single hair. Her nails were growing into her paws because no one ever cut them for her. Her eyes were full of sorrow, as if she was hoping for swift death.

Luckily, though my organization, we found a man in Changping who was willing to take them all. We spent two hours trying to catch them, putting them into a truck and bringing them to their new home.20170515161053

After half a month, it turned out that the man couldn’t handle them anymore. He helped the five puppies to find homes, but Jia Jia was in such bad condition that no one wanted her. Alone again, she stayed in a hospital while vets were treating her skin problem.

In the end, no one ever came to get her, so I took her home and called her Jia Jia, which means “home” in Chinese.

The first three days with me, her appetite was voracious. She devoured everything I fed her, no matter how much I gave. She must have been starving to death.

I can still see some scars in her heart. She is scared of long and thin objects probably because her first owner beat her with something like that. She is very cautious with strangers and still eats like she might never have another meal. Despite this, I can see her improving, growing stronger and livelier. Together, we are developing an incredible connection.

So many animals out there are abused, abandoned and neglected. If I could, I would save them all, but I can’t. Only working together can we help and protect these amazing beings.

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