Review on Business Confidence


As one of the European Chamber’s most important conferences of the year, the European Business in China—Business Confidence Survey (BCS) Launch will take place in Guangzhou and Shenzhen on June 12 and 13, respectively. Partnered with Roland Berger—one of the world’s leading strategy consultancies—the BCS 2017 brings together the input of over 500 senior representatives from the Chamber’s member companies to provide an annual overview of their performance and outlook from within the Chinese market.

The BCS 2017 reports that the leading challenges and regulatory barriers for European Chamber member companies remain the same. There is also a lack of confidence that the situation will improve over the next five years, but they are very positive about President Xi’s anti-corruption campaign and the incremental improvements to China’s IPR protection institution.

“This year in particular, we have involved other Chinese organizations to support the events,” said Rachel Chen, Event & Sponsorship Manager of the Chamber. “The Guangzhou session will be likely supported by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the Shenzhen session by Invest Shenzhen.” To register for the events, visit