WeChat Can Now Move Cars


How many times have you experienced annoying cars blocking your way? You wish you could just pick it up and throw it away, don’t you? Now you can almost do it with the almighty WeChat. Connecting with the provincial police system, the platform will send a message to car owners and inform them to move the car. This way seems much more efficient than calling the 110 emergency hotline or the number on the green environmental label sticking on the corner of a car.

Here is how to do it:

Go to Wallet, enter Public Services. Look for the third cluster/category 车辆服务 (car service) and find the last item with a lifted car symbol 移车服务 (car moving services). Click it and it will first ask permission to use your current location. Allow it because it needs to locate the car. Then click the camera symbol and take a picture of the license plate, or enter car information (license number, color, brand and location) manually.

After submitting, a text message will be sent to the car owner. (Note: this service only works for Guangdong registered cars.) You can also follow up the progress by following Guangdong Provincial Public Security’s official WeChat account “平安南粤.” If this doesn’t work, just pray for the car owner to come save you sooner.