Guangdong aims at railway scofflawsCracking Down on Train Cheaters
Fare dodgers and people caught smoking on trains in Guangdong Province could be banned from traveling by rail if they break rules more than twice. According to draft regulations dealing with railway operations and safety, ticket scalpers and passengers who use fake identity cards to board trains will be blacklisted, with offenders facing fines of 500 to 2,000 RMB. Smokers and fare dodgers will be fined immediately if caught. In addition, the Province proposed a ban on drones, kites, balloons, lanterns and low-altitude aircraft within two kilometers of a railway track. Zeng Yong, an executive at Guangzhou Railway Group, said the draft regulations would help reduce the number of people dodging fares and smoking on trains. (


Hang A Life On A LineHanging on a Lifeline
There is a Chinese phrase “Ming Xuan Yi Xian (命悬一线),” which literally means to hang a life on a line, that describes any dangerous situation where one might lose their life. One 50-year-old Liaoning woman’s experience could vividly represent this phrase. On July 1, the Mingshan fire team of Liaoning Benxi fire brigade reported that a woman had fallen from her apartment and was hanging by the wire in between the second and third floors only in her underwear. The fire fighters rushed to the scene at once, set up a 6 meter ladder to keep her stable. Others approached her, while four fire fighters were ready at the window of the second floor. About ten minutes later, she was saved. Identified by her family members at the scene, she apparently slipped and fell while cleaning the windows. (


driverless busFirst Driverless Bus Hits Taiwan
On July 8 to 13, the first driverless bus called “EZ10” was debuted in Taiwan at the Shuiyuan (水源) Campus of Taiwan University. It can transport 12 passengers at a time (six seated, six standing). At the debut, staff set the speed at 10 km/hour, but the vehicle can, in fact, run up to 40 to 45 km/hour. This bus ranks at driverless level four, which means the bus can drive and perform environmental monitoring without the interference of a driver. It has already served more than 80,000 people in at least 10 countries around the world. No accidents have yet been recorded. Some people are excitedly looking forward to it being used while others remain skeptical. (


Is Manchester really ready for MobikeMobike in Manchester Fails
Mobike has brought 1,000 bikes to Manchester and Salford in June. However, because the bikes can be left anywhere, their sudden appearance on the streets of the city caused some problems. Mobike is dockless, which is puzzling to some people. A spokesman said a number of reports have been related to suspected bike abandonment or theft. Naturally, at least 50 of them have already been vandalized, as well. Nick Hubble of the Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign is concerned about the irresponsible minority, but cautions against being alarmist. “Vandals are in the minority, legitimate use is high,” he added. (


Highway from DG to Panyu Begins Construction AugustNew DG to Panyu Highway
A new highway from Dongguan to Panyu (Guan-Pan Highway) is expected to begin construction by the end of this August and be opened to traffic by May 2019. The Guan-Pan Highway will connect the Panyu District of Guangzhou City, just west of the Pearl River, and Dongguan, to the east of the Pearl River. The throughput should become a very important east-west passage in Guangdong. Running 6-lanes for 65.2 kilometers, the route will also cut through Shatian, Houjie, Dalingshan, Liaobu, Songshan Lake, Dalang, Dongken, Hengli, Changping and Qiaotou. This will be the first highway traveling through Qiaotou and Dongken. Demolition work and land acquisition were already running at full steam during this past June, with construction intended to begin before August 30. Dongguan has also been speeding up other highway construction projects, like the Second Humen Bridge, to further strengthen the connection between Dongguan and territory west of the Pearl River. (


High-Speed Trains Now Have Food Delivery,High-Speed Trains Now Deliver
Say goodbye to the era of either instant noodles or low-cost meal boxes on trains. The China Railway Company tested food delivery services on high-speed trains from July 17 at 27 stations, including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Xiamen, Wuhan, Chongqing and more. The service covers all train routes starting with the letter “G” or “D.” Passengers can preorder from the 12306 website or use the official app from 6 am to 11 pm. Choices are various because you can not only order the self-catering food from China Railway Company, but also from many brands along the way. Notice that you must order at least two hours before your train. After paying by WeChat or AliPay, the food will be delivered directly to your seat after arrival on the train.(Qianjiang evening news)


Woman caught with 203 blood samples set for gender testsWoman Caught With 203 Blood Samples
Huanggang customs busted a woman who was carrying 203 tubes of blood samples from pregnant women for testing in Hong Kong to detect the gender of the babies. The middle-aged woman attempted to enter Hong Kong with a bag full of blood tubes which are used for DNA tests. The suspects said they were paid between 100 to 300 yuan for smuggling the blood samples. An official at Huanggang Customs said many mainland parents want to know the gender of their expected child before deciding whether to give birth. It’s illegal to have prenatal gender tests for non-medical purposes in mainland, so some agencies take blood samples from pregnant women and transport them to Hong Kong for testing. Huanggang Customs said it will intensify checks against illegal transport of blood samples through a number of measures, vowing to end the “profit chain.” (