A Bit of Grapes & Hops for September

a bit of grapes & hops

Romisa Chilean Chardonnay (Central Valley, 2016)
Romisa Chilean Chardonnay is an exemplar of its kind. It exudes buttery glycerin goodness. Reliable sunshine. An escape from the daily routine. It’s clean—but only just. The staple grape of White Burgundy (notably Chablis), Champagne and latterly, so many places across the hemispheres and climates. This grape is both elegant and dependable. If, as a variety, Chardonnay has a fault, it’s just that it’s a tad predictable in its consistent high quality, even at the lower reaches of the market.

To the nose. Everything you’d expect and then some. That’s the thing with Chardonnay. Easily balancing 13.5% ABV with ample charms of summer flowers, peaches, straw and general fertility. There’s something else there, too. A hint of real depth. Personality. History. (And Chardonnay’s is long, by the way. Ask a Roman.)

On the palette, there’s a generous sweetness supporting the intensity of the alcohol, as well as, summer fruit flavors (Did I mention the peaches?). Nothing you didn’t already know from the nose, but that’s fine. It’s a lush wine, but not an adventure.

Coming Soon to Liberty Brewing Co.


Beijing Bikini Watermelon Wheat Beer, by Jing A Brewing Co
Beautifully brewed, with just enough watermelon to make an already refreshing style of beer really stand out. True craft-heads like the Jing A team post the IBU (International Bittering Units) for their beers. This one comes in at 15 IBU’s, which is low, but not surprising for a fruity, wheat beer. It’s dangerously sessionable, as well. Deceptively light to the taste, it hides its 4.5% ABV modestly in a cloudy haze.

Available now at Murray’s Irish Pub