Give the Dog a Vacation He Deserves

Dog owners rejoice! There’s finally a perfect spot to spend a lazy afternoon with man’s best friend. Will you swim or play games? Does your pet need a little schooling? Maybe a place to crash for the night?


It’s the middle of summer in southern China and your furry best friend has never panted harder. If you live in a garden, you probably have a decent pool and while you’re welcome to enter in exchange for a modest sum, animals, of course, are not.

Ignoring the swimming, maybe the little guy is dying to run for a Frisbee or that disgusting tennis ball that has accumulated years of saliva, dirt and grime. You’ve faced the ire of your residents before—“your dog is tearing up the grass!”—and you’re not ready to do it again.

The club offers two pools—one big, one small—specifically for dogs and their human friends to take a dip.

Pluck the haters from your daily playtime and go to a place that your dog would call heaven. Dog Dad Pets’ Club in Dalang Town is Dongguan’s first fully integrated dog-centric play area, training facility and kennel service, covering an area of more than 10 acres.

“It’s more about passion and the love of dogs,” said Michael Kuang.


Bozai (波仔) & Michael Kuang

Michael, one of the animal-loving shareholders, has five large dogs and explained that he feels pure enjoyment when seeing his dogs and others running freely. The problem is that when he walks the dogs in his community, there’s always someone who fears their beastly physiques.

The club also features 3,000 square meters of spacious lawn for dogs to run like mad. Moreover, dogs can also meet others and play together. Keep in mind, if your sidekick is especially flirtatious, you may want to grab a couple of Trojans before the play date.

There are also plenty of toys and games available, as well, like long jumps, hurdles, Frisbees and more.

Looking beyond the grass, two pools—one big, one small—specifically for dogs and their human friends to take a dip are also available. The smaller swimming pool is adorably bone shaped and not too deep for new-to-water-canines. Though the larger, 1.2 meter-deep pool doesn’t have a diving board, it’s big enough for a St. Bernard to do a belly flop.


If your dog can’t swim, there are professionals on-site who can teach the art. After cooling off, owners can use self-service facilities to wash and dry their dog’s hair (it could probably work for humans, too).

If the lot of you is spent after splashing in the pool and doing sprints, escape inside where you’ll find a vintage car-themed cafe. There are actually antique autos on display, just keep those claws off the finish!

Still, you didn’t come all this way to sit inside and your best friend knows it, too. Nearby the pool, get the BBQ going in a quaint litchi forest or play some billiards and archery. When was the last time you saw a dog fire an arrow?

If your pet is as poorly behaved as your significant other, you may want to enlist the help of Bozai (波仔), the club’s trainer. Before joining, he worked with Dongguan’s Public Security Bureau as a police dog instructor for 10 years. Since then, he has also studied new dog training theories to put his teaching more in line with family dogs. Who knows, maybe he can still teach them how to smell drugs in your teenager’s bedroom. We didn’t ask. Besides the training, Bozai and his dog have also won many Frisbee trick competitions. It’s impressive and you should definitely ask for a show if you stop by.

For the avid travelers that also love having pets, the club’s kennel service may just become your dog’s home-away-from-home. The cages have small, attached houses that include a bed, looked clean and were for one dog a piece. Though it’s nice that they’re outside for the fresh air, consider the heat of the summer months when choosing the accommodation. For a slightly higher price, your animal can have their own air-conditioned space.

Take a trip over and see the puppy paradise for yourself. Bark once if you love it.


Dog Dad Pets’ Club
Prices for daytime play start at 49 RMB.
Address: Dayou Villa Memorial Archway, Dayou Industrial Area, Shengping Road, Dalang Town (near the basketball court)
东莞大朗镇升平路大有园工业区大有山庄牌坊 (篮球场附近)
Phone: 769 8743 8143