Raise Your Glass: Cheer Bar


The wow factor is definitely there as you walk in—lights, beers, friendly staff, immediate service, a red pool table, big screen, proper tables and to top it all off, a brewery in the background. Yes, Cheer Bar makes its own beer. Let me then be the first to tell you that regardless of which one you order, you’ll definitely be pleased.

Now, let’s talk about the vibe. The bar is one of a few others that sprung up here in Xiaba Fang at Boxing Park (Loft 8) over the last few years. Together with a scuba diving school on the premises, as well as, an inviting Ferris wheel right next to the river, it graced Wanjiang with a whole new upbeat and modern energy.

Both inviting and sneakingly enticing, this area has something for everyone, guaranteeing good memories and a surprise around every corner. Throughout the day and early afternoon, there are even proper family dining places here. Enchanting the senses with remarkably calming waterfront views, then spicing things up with décor reminiscent of Italy, France and old China are cobblestone walkways that take you past Chinese tea shops, Romanesque fa?ades—complete with a few columns—and ivy furtively gracing the walls.

Ultimately, that all fades with the ebbing orange of the sun—when it decides to abandon its grip on the day and let Nyx do her thing, while Bacchus makes his first stop here before charioting his way through the rest of Batou.

No better place exists in this womb of amusement than Cheer Bar. For it is the quintessential nexus of where your night can begin, ensue and/or end, no matter what your plans initially may have been. Without a doubt, it is the beating heart of Boxing Park. This is a place for friends; bring your girlfriend or boyfriend, bring your peeps and colleagues.

Returning to the beer for a moment, I’d vote for the Sassy Lassy any day of the week and twice on Sundays—it’s that good. Then, there are their IPA’s, Cow Girl, Xi Chen Lou Milk Stout, Lagers and so much more. I also highly recommend their homemade hamburgers. If you haven’t yet had one, then that alone will be worth the Didi, bus or bicycle trip. Yes, they also have mouth-watering cheese fries, as well as, wasabi cucumber snacks, hot dogs and chicken wings.

So hone your gambei’s and bellies and be ready to unleash yourselves on to and unto this establishment, ladies and gentlemen.

Address: #14 Warehouse, No. 8, Gongnong Rd., Loft 8 Creative Park, Guangcheng