Curry Up and Eat: The Indian Restaurant


Earlier this year, a new Indian restaurant opened on Bar Street, opposite BB Club. Before moving to China, our favorite restaurant back home had the most delicious Indian food and I was hoping to find another candidate to fill that void.

The restaurant feels very spacious as you enter through a large terrace into a space filled with color and greenery. If the weather isn’t choking hot, take a seat outside to enjoy the chef’s naan-making expertise. The open kitchen continues inside, where you can easily follow your food being prepared. The environment is bright and casual, with Indian music and colorful lights hanging above tables to put you in the right mood before digging in.

The menu includes all the usual suspects for those who are a bit familiar with expat Indian cuisine. Wide varieties of tandoori, curry dishes, vegetarian mixes and different sets of naans are all paired with reasonable prices.

We ordered two naans; the forever-favorite garlic iteration proved to be more characteristic than the cashew-filled Kashmiri option. For the mains, we chose mutter paneer (semi-soft Indian cheese with green peas in a creamy tomato sauce) and aloo mutter (potatoes with peas in a curry sauce). Both were enjoyable, but a bit more spice (heat-wise) wouldn’t have hurt.

As a result, the famous mango lassi, being rich and thick, couldn’t serve its usual purpose of cooling down a burning stomach. Still, this is Guangdong after all, where the majority of people would probably prefer less hot dishes.

The samosas—a snack filled with potatoes, peas and cashew—were crunchy as they should be, although the paired sauce seemed like ketchup, which wasn’t as satisfying as the usual mint dip.

For two dishes, two naans, a pair of samosa and a mango lassi, we paid roughly 160 RMB for a meal that filled our bellies and left some spare change for a drink on the way home.

ADDRESS: No. A1-1, Bar Street, Dongcheng South Rd, Dongcheng