For the Foodie Dogs

For all the dogs out there who’ve grown tired of the average treat, this will be a happy day. The aptly named Lip-Smacking is Dongguan’s first specifically doggie treat bakery, which provides homemade snacks for your pets without all the nasty additives. Perusing their WeChat store, you can find various kinds of pet snacks like beef jerky, meat tarts, bones and more.

They not only produce snacks, but also have been baking up some interesting, customized birthday cakes, which boast 3 Michelin stars for the pet world. The cakes are made without chemicals and use only pure, natural ingredients. Colorful and decorated, they surprisingly look quite like the human version. Just be careful you don’t actually take a slice for yourself.

Select the options on WeChat (ID: kainbblc) and pay via cash, WeChat or AliPay. Simple. Enjoy pups!