Eat in Dongland: Z Club Thai Restaurant

Let me be very clear from the inception of this review: if you love Thai food, then there really is only one proper option in Dongguan these days. Now, I have always liked Thai food, this is true. As a result, I have been to several great places back home, as well as, across China that purported to make the best Thai food. All of them were really good and I enjoyed all of them. Yet, I was utterly blown away (and henceforth am quite enamored) with Z Club. Will I go again? That is a silly question, don’t you think? It’s obvious at this point, I think, that my answer would be a resounding “yes.”

You walk inside this heaven on the second floor of Dynacity and your mouth instantly begins to water as the enticing aromas from the kitchen and sultry dishes moving across TV screens flirt with your senses. The stylish tables and elegant chairs with their rope backrests make for an authentic atmosphere, along with ambient Thai music that subconsciously transports you to the beaches and blue skies of the country. When the server brings you the menu, you’re already so excited you just want to order everything on it. They give all the names of the dishes in both Chinese and English, so that helps a lot, too.

And while you wait for your food and drinks to arrive, they give you this beautiful and refreshing blue rose water to drink, that relaxes one even more. Don’t expect to eat and leave quickly. It is indeed a happy break from a frantic lifestyles and busy schedules. I enjoyed their curry noodles with beef slices, barbeque and pineapple skewers, coconut soup with mushrooms and classy vegetable spring rolls—my stomach was very pleased with me for the rest of the day. Also, they have an awesome selection of juices, all made from scratch and with fresh fruit. I recommend the pineapple juice, as well as, the iced strawberry shake.

The owners certainly put in a lot of hard work and love into the place and when you go, whether with loved ones, friends, colleagues or business partners, you won’t be disappointed. I encourage you to make the effort to go as soon as you finish reading this.

ADDRESS: 2/F, Dynacity Mall, Dongsheng Rd, Dongcheng