Prepare to Set Sail!: The Ship (houjie)

Avast ye! Dry land and dry mouth? Work and life got you panting and parched on all conceivable levels? Then chart a course and sail on down to our galley with your Didi, taxi, subway, feet or whatever transport we landlubbers, marooners, seadogs and picaroons use in town. Come quench your thirst for people, food and the best drinks in the city. Houjie is where she makes birth, Wanda’s stern is where she blows, and a huge lit fountain bestows upon its daily grandure.

When you weigh anchor at this fine establishment, you surely won’t want to leave. Merriment and fine waitresses greet and accommodate once you step foot inside. Lively music plays throughout the night and you can sing your shanties, grab a partner and dance, let loose or parley with frenemies. If your holds be bursting with swag, or even if ye have no doubloons, then feel free to share your wit and bounty with your fellow crew or be shark bait and walk the plank to Davy Jones’ locker.

For those among us that need our guts sated too, the resident cooks make the finest grub in the land. Captain Geoff and Admiral Angie scowered the seven seas to bring us the best catch o’ the day, meals from beyond world’s end to the familiar breakfasts, lunches and burgers we all hold dear. These pirates personally recommend the big, full English breakfast, because it simply and truly is the best one made on these shores, particularly regarding their renowned bangers.

No fretting or running a shot across the port bow be necessary, me hearties—the prices be fair and quality is the top priority. The house shot is their coined “after eight.” The rum is from history’s best Captains, the cocktails are made with attention to detail and the ale be from taps you would never want to leave, akin to a sultry lass; they siren-call you throughout the night.

Come on down, bring your shipmates, lads, lasses and assorted wenches, bosses and/or pals and see why this port-o-call has become the number one dock for Dongguan’s pirates of revelry after its 1st year anniversary. Arise and swing the lead, me hearties! Come climb down Jacob’s ladder onto the Ship, the one and only place like it for numerous nautical miles around.

ADDRESS: NO. 60, B1 district, building 26, Wanda Mall, No. 6, Kangle North Rd, Houjie