Goodbye, Red Mansion

city fact_Dec 2017

As one of the earliest Western hospitals in China, Dongguan People’s Hospital was opened in 1888. Originally called Dongguan Puji Hospital of China Christian Rhenish Mission, the institution was built by the German Christian Rhenish Mission.

By 1902, the Puji Hospital moved to Shaditang in Guancheng. Western design motifs were visible, especially with the energetic red brick. As a result, locals used to call it Red Mansion.

The hospital later—comically, more than once—changed its name again. From Dongguan Puji Hospital of China Christian Rhenish Mission to Dongguan Xian Hospital to Dongguan Public Hospital to No. 71 Preparatory Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army to The Second Cadre Sanatorium of Guangdong Province to Guangdong Provincial Rehabilitation Hospital to People’s Hospital of Dongguan Xian. Let’s say the owners over 100 years were rather indecisive.

Finally, when Dongguan became a city apart from Xian in 1985, it also adopted prefecture-level city status. In 1988, the hospital finally changed its name to Dongguan People’s Hospital, and remains this way today.

In 2011, the hospital moved to a new location in Wanjiang, but the history of the Red Mansion will forever be.