Taste of Leafy Heaven: Green Salad (Dongcheng)

restaurant review_Dec 2017

Tucked away in a friendly Dongcheng corner, not far from all your favorite clothing shops, bars, Japanese, Korean and Western restaurants and a stone’s throw from Yong Hua Ting, rests a special little nugget, humble and penitent, freshly sweet and quietly brilliant.

You may have passed it a few times already. It may even play a familiar violin somewhere in the I-will-go-there-someday recesses of your memory. And this writer is here to tell you that you best go there soon. For indeed, that which summoned you, caught you, lured you when you passed, is undoubtedly worth every moment, cent and bite that you spend inside.

Green Salad is unique in that it doesn’t offer oily or greasy foods; we have gotten so used to it all over town. It is not another Chinese or foreign restaurant. Rather, a place that is reminiscent of Sunday afternoons spent under a tree on a clear blue sky day, where you just lie down on your back and relax and day dream. Yes, it feels precisely the same. Especially after you’ve tasted the food and drunk the fresh juices. This is the very raison d’etre of the restaurant—to provide a real fresh dining experience with real fruit, really fresh salads, real juices and, of course, really good service.

And yes, they’ve got WiFi, but who cares? Once all that nourishment takes over your senses—and believe me, it will—you wouldn’t care about anyone annoying you on your phone. The experience is that good, that calming and that special.

A friend of mine mentioned how he likes to go there once a week to detox. I can see why. One of my bosses goes there even more often, and I can see how it relaxes him. When I spoke to Green Salad’s owners, they mentioned how people love to come there after they have finished exercising at gym. And while I was there today, I saw many a business man and beautiful ladies smilingly eat or take out their food and drinks. It was apparent how much they love it there.

Being a blood type O, I prefer eating beef regularly, and to my surprise they had a wonderful beef salad. The quality was astounding, and sitting down on the stylish white table made me almost feel like I was sitting close to soothing ocean waters. They also gave me a fresh juice made from pineapple and celery, which even though initially odd sounding to me, tasted like a drop of heaven.

ADDRESS: NO. 210, Qifeng Garden, Lifeng Rd