2017 Industrial Design Awards

The 2017 DiD Award aka the thirteenth Dongguan Cup drew a perfect result at the end of 2017.

The Dongguan Cup is an annual industrial design competition from 2005 with the idea to transfer from “make in Dongguan” to “create in Dongguan” and “intelligence in Dongguan.”

The 2017 DiD Award covered from June to November with the theme “the beauty of manufacture stems from design.” There were concept groups and production groups for individual or group participants with seven kinds of classification including daily life, job, communication, transportation, health, entertainment and service. Participants tried their best to impress 40 judges that had traveled from all around the world to be there. Some of the participants’ productions included a disposable drink package that combines medicine and a disposable paper cup together, and a barrier-free bathtub for wheelchair users; as well as reusable delivery package wrapping.