Why You Shouldn’t Eat Dogs

We live in a society where the debate on eating dogs is ongoing. A battle between morals & culture, we all have our own opinions on this matter. But is it right to eat something that could potentially save your life?

Yes, I eat meat. Yes, chicken is one of my favorite foods. I do not eat dogs, however. And in my opinion, I do think it is wrong for people to eat dogs. Is it wrong to eat people? You wouldn’t eat a family member. And dogs are part of the family.

Don’t get me wrong – the life of a chicken is not less important than the life of a dog. But they are very different animals, and people have very different relationships with each.

I don’t follow any religion, but I am a spiritual person. And I respect the right of people to believe what they choose to believe. When I eat any meat, I don’t give thanks to anyone’s God for that meat. I thank the spirit of that animal for giving up its life so that I can have food and nourishment to live. The Aborigines, the original people in Australia, before the Europeans claimed it as property, believed in this idea. The Native Tribes in North America did the same.

As I said above, as a spiritual person I don’t just “chow down” on the chicken. I silently (and sometimes vocally) acknowledge that this animal was alive and gave its life for me – unwillingly in a worldly sense, but possibly willingly in a spiritual sense far above my comprehension. (And if I’m wrong, I will gladly pay back that Karma in the future.)

But a chicken will never be my best friend. A chicken will not sit next to me on the sofa while I watch TV, or sleep on the bed at night. Or catch a Frisbee. And a chicken will never jump around and wag its tail when its best friend comes home.

There are rescue dogs that search for people in natural disasters, like earthquakes, that not only do things people cannot do, but willingly risk their lives doing it.

However, even those reasons, as sentimental as they might be, are minor. There are many more important reasons why dogs are treated differently from chickens.

Dogs and human beings have had close relationships for thousands of years. They provide protection, companionship and hunting assistance in a relationship that no other animal holds with people.

Biological or social evolution aside, look at the roles of dogs in our lives today.

There are rescue dogs that search for people in natural disasters, like earthquakes, that not only do things people cannot do, but willingly risk their lives doing it.

Seeing Eye dogs help blind people navigate safely outside their homes. Companion dogs help people who suffer from various forms of stress, PTSD, and are even trained to alert people of impending seizures. Police have used them to find missing children, detect illegal substances, help apprehend dangerous people, and sniff out bombs. Most recently, dogs have even been trained to use their keen sense of smell to detect cancer in people.

Even beyond that, there are many reports of extreme situations where dogs have bravely and instinctively protected and saved lives. Take note.

In one case, a dog caught in a house fire with a baby, covered the baby with its body to protect it. The baby lived. The dog was burned to death. In another fire, there was so much smoke the woman caught in the fire could not find her way out of the house. Her dog knew the way and walked ahead of her, barking and leading her to the door. They both escaped the fire unharmed.

In one home, while the family was asleep, a mechanical problem in the house caused rising levels of deadly carbon monoxide. The dog smelled it and barked endlessly while attempting to wake family members up by nudging them with his nose and paws. This situation could have been tragic. In other such cases people have died this way. But this family was saved by their dog.

One Seeing Eye dog helped its owner find the staircase in the burning, debris-riddled World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Both got out of the building shortly before it collapsed.

Is anyone still unclear on why we don’t eat dogs and why we treat them as part of the family?

Mark Twain said, “If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man.”

Twain is largely right. And, no offense readers, but I like dogs much more than people. And, God forbid I’m ever in a natural disaster or plane crash in the mountains or deserted island and there are only a couple of survivors and a dog? Well, I’m no cannibal, but I’m eating some meat to survive… and the dog is going to get some bones.