Italian Fusion Gem: 5th AVENUE

Italians strike me as being inclusive of some of the best chefs in the world, and I once had an Italian landlady who, unimpressed by my way of making Italian food, taught me painstakingly in two hours how to make a proper spaghetti bolognaise. Since this revelation, I had not experienced the same essence of real Italian cooking until my visit to this newly-opened, New York-esque establishment situated in Dongcheng. Yes, 5th Avenue is where it’s at, the place where the cuisine will send your taste buds skyrocketing to heaven and back.

My colleagues and I were invited, in style, to come and enjoy some of chef Giulio’s best work, and we were definitely impressed. Sophia, the lovely owner and manager, took us on a tour throughout the venue, and the Italian red wines immediately caught my eye, seeing as I’m a huge fan. Even though it was lunchtime, I absolutely enjoyed a couple of glasses with the food. It’s a good thing I had the rest of the day off. The pairing was simply perfect, so I’d urge anyone to indulge beyond normal constraint. Among the wines are Monte Tondo, Fuedi D’Albe and Vecchia Cantina.

We devoured a plate of succulent scallops, beautifully presented and accompanied by a fresh, zingy puree, followed by a mushroom pasta that was simply heavenly. And then, one of their signature dishes was served: tuna, served in a Japanese fashion, in an oval shaped bowl, complete with baby tomatoes, lettuce and topped with thin rice noodles. If that wasn’t enough, we were then treated to a dessert that we simply couldn’t place–a nutty, chocolate treat with an irresistible texture. We asked chef Giulio, who revealed the name as ‘Town Cake,’ but that is all I’m going to say about it. You and your family or friends must simply try it out for yourselves.

In my conversation with chef Giulio afterwards, I found myself very impressed with his story; he had travelled the world before coming to Dongguan and worked in several different kitchens in Beijing, France, Italy and so on. As a result of all his travels, he came to believe in the fusion of dishes, where the base is firmly Italian, and then stylishly and smoothly he introduced aspects of the world. With his passion he has made it an art, and the menu, made to resemble a newspaper, sports his vision on every page.

ADDRESS: NO. 23, Qifeng View, Dynatown, Dongcheng