HK Home Cooking: Batou No.27 bistro

It came out of nowhere. Suddenly one day we all looked up from our phone screens, bar stools and Didi windows in vivacious Xia Ba Fang and saw a stylish new restaurant appear in the rustic wonderland. And not a moment too soon, because in Wanjiang, we absolutely love dining out as often as possible, especially at new, outlandish and interesting places. Initially nobody was sure if this place was going to fit in with the local bucolic-meets-modernity vibe. However, already now entering its fifth month, it has surpassed all expectations and has become the preferred lunch and dinner destination for the local communities, with many a family, couples and businessfolk entering its invitingly lit doors every day. And the river seemingly dances behind it.

Take a look at the menu online or inside and you won’t only find the usual Hong Kong style meals–which of course is the raison d’etre of the place–but also local delicacies and cuisine as well as a modest selection of western food. Let me also be the first to assure you of the quality. The kitchens on the first two floors are immaculate, the cooks and chefs excellent and the service is respectable. The waiters, dressed suitably in the brand’s attire, are friendly and very helpful, willing to help even if a language issue may arise. Having said that, the menu’s photos make everything pretty clear, and don’t be surprised if you catch yourself drooling when looking at them. Rest assured, each table has some tissues too.

My first experience at this place was so good that I simply had to visit again the next day. I’ve dined here now with a date and a mate and I’ll absolutely go again. I’ve personally tried five different dishes already and still want to make my way through the menu as the year goes on. Their Hong Kong Curry Chicken sports a great creamy, coconut milk taste which is neither underwhelming nor too overpowering, and spaghetti bolognaise is served as the perfect portion with the achieved flavor from an ideal balance of spices.

The great thing is prices are not that expensive whatsoever. So, for a lunch or dinner in an exquisite, locally-run and authentic restaurant, whether in a private upstairs VIP-style room or in the open areas, come on up to Ba Xiang Lu and have a good time. You certainly won’t regret it.

Address: Next to Batou Bridge, Gong Nong Rd.