Hollywood Tapas: Spanish Perfection

“Visítenos y disfrute de nuestras tapas!”

Now, when someone tells you that with an inviting smile and presents you with a high-quality wine upon your arrival on a rainy night, life is good. What an incredible feast we were faced with! A sensual experience as stunning presentation, aromas and delectable flavors made for an indulgent evening. Hollywood Tapas deliver the highest quality of the famous Spanish cuisine, with imported ingredients to ensure traditional flavors are created. The owner Frank and Spanish chef Alex really went all out.

What are tapas you may ask? Traditional in Spanish cuisine, tapas are appetizers shared among a group, making for an intimate and inviting dining experience. But what is the story behind it? Where did it start? Well, one story tells that, whilst on a long trip, King Alfonso the Wise (the medieval king of León, Galicia and Castile) had stopped to rest in the town of Ventorillo del Chato in the southern province of Cádiz, and as he was tired after his journey he ordered a sherry. The innkeeper served him his sherry, but to keep the flies and sand out, he put a slice of ham on top of the glass to shield the contents. King Alfonso liked it so much that he asked for a second glass but insisted on another “tapa” (which means “lid” or “cover”) to be placed on top. From there, the rest became history.

We certainly ate like kings on the night: we enjoyed a selection of their Basque style pintxos as a starter treat, after which we were served with an Iberian meat platter, with chorizo, salchichon, cured pork loin, ham and fuet. This was followed by their seafood salad with the chef’s own pineapple dressing—a collage of shrimp, mussels, octopus and crab among salad leaves. I was very impressed with the Norwegian salmon Tataki that came straight after, served with avocado, tomato, vinaigrette and salmon caviar. A huge plate of lamb soon followed along with potato tapas with a garlic and bravas sauce. Perfectly tender, my knife cut through like butter.

Hollywood Tapas brings Spain and its food straight to us here in Dongguan. Vibrant red, Spanish flags and true aromas transport you to the soul of the place. Get ready for an evening of flavorsome food and Spanish wine whilst enjoying good company. Perfection!

Address: Shop A1002, New World Garden Plaza, Dongcheng Zhi Rd (Bar Street, next to HBT)