American Classic: Grateful Q

Imagine a trendy two-story venue, situated right behind Yong Hua Ting—Dongcheng Walking Street—with fresh homemade food every day. Then you’ve just begun to understand what Grateful Q is all about. Indulgent food spirits you to the U.S. and back again and the atmosphere makes for a fun wholesome setting, dedicated to American rock band the Grateful Dead and barbeques—hence the name.

When they first opened their doors, the husband and wife team introduced Dongguan to some of the most mouthwatering sandwiches in town. To this day, they still serve them hot with fresh homemade sauce, so don’t expect mere run-of-the-mill ketchup. Have you tried their peach mustard? Their sides brilliantly complement each serving, whether you want hot veg, potato salad or coleslaw. You can get a meatloaf sandwich. And it’s homemade with quality beef too. As if that wasn’t enough, they also sport pulled pork and sautéed shrimp sandwiches, priced between 65 RMB and 75 RMB. You definitely get bang for your buck as these portions certainly aren’t measly. Depending on whether or not you’ve skipped breakfast, Grateful Q will certainly help you hit the spot and go back to the office or home content. While you’re at it, why not also order their Mac ‘n’ cheese or soups to go?

Grateful Q has recently focused on introducing salads and a new dinner menu including Teriyaki chicken and chicken fried steak, among other choices and it’s already got people talking (and chowing down). It seems they are upping their game with cocktails too. Try their infamous Flaming Dr Pepper with your friends, otherwise you can find Whiskey Sour, Planter’s Punch, Banksy and Irish Sundae, all of which are priced between 40 RMB and 68 RMB. Locally brewed beer on tap costs just 45 RMB a glass as well as imported ales and IPAs such as Ballast Point, Green Flash, Lost Coast and more for similar prices. Fizzy drinks, teas and juices are all available.

Nestled between Grateful Dead memorabilia, you can also spot the eye-catching collections of crystals and stones and other such hippy-esque mementos. This place has a personality! The bar has already played host to some recent events with live music and games and plans to continue, so watch this space. In a short amount of time, they’ve garnered quite a loyal client base and it’s easy to see why. Go check it out!

Address: No. B30, Yong Hua Ting Walking Street, Dongcheng