Get ready for the new term

The transition between the summer break and returning to school is not always the easiest for families. Check out our Walk-a-Thon and bring your family closer together while meeting other families alike.

Going back to school after a long summer break can be a hard transition for many families. Summer is often a time of irregular schedules, traveling, and slackened structure. Children can fall into patterns of playing long hours of video games with parents often growing weary of filling up their child’s wide-open summer schedule with educational activities. The first weeks of school consist of building many habits and routines at the same time which can be hard on everyone in the family.

Many experts recommend getting a head start on preparing children to go back to school. Loose bed times should be tightened up and out-of-town vacations should be avoided in the couple of weeks preceding the school year. Some parents take their children shopping for school supplies to warm them up to the idea and perhaps allow them to choose some stationary items they are excited to use. Others begin to assign light study tasks every day such as reading a certain number of pages in a book or completing several worksheets related to the previous year’s curriculum.

Other families may not see the need for a transition between the summer and the school year or, perhaps more often, may not see problems that arise at the beginning of the semester as symptoms of the sudden harsh change of schedule. It stands to reason though that preparing a child physically and mentally for the school year enables a smoother transition academically while maintaining a healthy body. HERE! Coaching has seen this recurring issue for many families and is preparing the Back to School Walk-a-Thon with the hope of being part of the solution.

The Back to School Walk-a-Thon is a half day event aimed at helping children get back into physical and mental shape for the semester, along with creating a unique time for families to bond. The event will start at the entrance of Qifeng Park at 9 am on Sunday, August 26. Everyone will receive their event t-shirt and free Vita Coco drink with each child receiving a free athletic bag. To encourage fun, teamwork and healthy competition, every family will receive a photo scavenger sheet with dozens of items that they must take pictures of along the walk. These requirements could be something as simple as taking a picture of a yellow flower or require some work, such as a photo containing four children of the same age from the event. Families must complete as many of the items as possible while making the scenic walk from Qifeng to Huying Park.

The walk will end around Huying Park’s amusement rides with participants encouraged to head over to the prize table to record their photo scavenger hunt score. Families with the most items completed will receive great prizes including school supplies, vouchers for great locations around Dongguan, a month free at DGUYA; among other exciting gifts. With some great exercise in the park completed, the group will head to A-One for lunch where everyone wearing the event t-shirt will receive 50% off everything on the menu.

Building meaningful relationships with other families in the community can be difficult once the school year takes off. The Back to School Walk-a-Thon is a great chance to make new friends and build special memories while proactively taking on the seasonal transition. With the cost at just 50 RMB per person, which includes a t-shirt and drink, why not sign up now?