GoVegan! Products

GoVegan! offers lifestyle food products packaged and ready for cooking or simply eating, available via online delivery within just one day to Dongguan. With around 12,000 followers on their official account, some of their followers are in fact from Dongguan however many people are not yet familiar with their products. And of course, these products are ideal for vegans, but also, they are suitable for vegetarians, pescatarians or even meat eaters who want to follow a healthier regime. Consider the environment and your health, and perhaps you will realize the benefits of eating less or no meat. You probably wouldn’t expect vegan products to pack so much flavor, but these certainly do. Some of the products on offer include the Gary Basil “cheese spread” made from cashew nuts, maple syrup and basil and tastes delicious on their nutritional bread filled with seeds and hearty goodness. Shallow fry the quinoa “patties” and add caramelized red onions for a tasty treat. GoVegan!’s tzatziki was particularly flavorsome too, the perfect accompaniment for crackers or carrot sticks. At HERE! we also made a Thai green curry with their plant-based ingredient that resembled chicken strips, and GoVegan! coconut milk, to produce a truly delectable dish perfect for sharing. Show yourself and your friends that you can be a healthier you! To try something different, follow GoVegan!’s WeChat at: GoVegan101.