A Fitting Mystery: Hidden 110

There is certainly an emergence of trendy secret bars popping up around Dongguan following their popularity and success in nearby areas such as Hong Kong and Guangzhou. Well folks, we have something curious just around the corner. I think you will like this one.

Situated in fast-developing 33 Town, across from Dynacity, Hidden 110 is a whole new level of Sherlock, with its sultry vibe conveyed from the moment one steps inside. Once our small team had discovered exactly how to enter the mystery spot, the first thing I noticed was the pungent waft of fragrance; followed by corridors adorned with intriguing artwork and intricate embellishments including vintage perfume bottles and such. Reaching the large set of daring red curtains and moody lighting, I was completely transported to a New York burlesque scene from the 1950s.

Illuminated in gold, the bar welcomes one into a cozy yet classy atmosphere, with a vast array of bottles and eye-catching paraphernalia that you cannot help but admire. Drawers that wish to be opened, a crystal ball that craves to be photographed and quirky decorations that distract you from why you’re really sat at the bar. Sounds of jazz and soul flood the space without making it impossible to have a conversation. An ingenious drinks menu in the fashion of a full-size newspaper—aptly accompanied by a magnifying glass—will present you with recommendations fit for all, whether you prefer classics or something fancier. Two words: Bloody Mary. For someone who does not typically enjoy this cocktail, Hidden 110’s version, courtesy of award-winning mixologist and chief bartender Bleu, certainly surprised me. Following my first sip was my humble “Wow” and smiles all around.

From incense to essence, foams and flowers, 110’s home-fused ingredients allowed for alluring concoctions.Aside from this, the hypnotic techniques that Bleu carried out when crafting these cocktails had all of us entranced—the way her eyes lit up distinctly reminded me of an old-school magician. With their grand opening taking place on September 15, let the show begin! Hidden 110 will hold regular shows on Fridays and Saturdays and accommodate 54 guests during these events. The idea behind the swanky new place is to offer something classy and unconventional for certain clientele who wish to find their hideout, without being overpriced. So, ladies, slip into a cocktail dress—gents, pull out some of your smartest attire—and make your way down to the time machine hidden inside of Y-Concept boutique.

Address: No.110-111, building #29&30, 33 Town, Dong Sheng Rd., Dongcheng