A Winning Menu: A-One (Dongcheng)

Yes! Dongguan finally has a sports restaurant that absolutely gets what its customers want. And they deliver in spades, make no mistake. Upon walking in, you’re straight away struck by the sheer size, followed immediately by high tech TV screens showing all kinds of sports and the friendliest of staff. The exciting new menu offers a plethora of mouthwatering American style dishes, and they really do have everything, whether you like burgers, wings or pizza straight on through to Tex-Mex food. And the desserts are so indulgently brilliant, they certainly will bring a happy party to your belly and a smile to your face.

But let’s look at the burgers first. My word, this delectable, luscious, palate pleasuring and all round incredibly satisfying Oxford Burger was certainly succulent. Available for a mere 56 RMB and served with a side of fries, the homemade patty comes topped with scrumptious fried bacon and your choice of pepper sauce or sweet ‘n’ sour sauce. I just ordered both when I heard that the head chef even makes these by himself—I’m always a fan of anyone who makes anything from scratch. And the best part? It’s humongous, not one of those itty-bitty ones. A-One’s Mexican Tacos followed, which very much resembled a mix of pizza and quesadilla, which is exactly what makes it so cool. You have a choice of chicken, pork or beef to include, and at about 60 RMB for each, it’s definitely worth it. But our absolute favorite dish of the night was undoubtedly their Gut Buster German Pork Knuckle, perfect for sharing. Served on a rustic wooden plate with hot potatoes and vegetables, this pork’s flavor is so indescribably excellent that it keeps you literally wanting more. It’s billed out at 168 RMB, which may seem pricey, but when you consider the size and taste, I promise you any financial concerns will melt away just like the texture of the pork on your tongue.

Besides, A-One Restaurant has a special VIP deal on dishes and if you join up and become part of their club, you’ll even be able to get 50% off on occasions. And guess what? They also have pool tables on each floor, TV games and foosball, for all your entertainment and social needs.

And one more thing: once you join their VIP group, you’ll find out about all their special events that they’ll be hosting in the near future. There may even be a basketball court soon, but wait and see for yourself.

Address: No.115-116, Bldg 22-24, Area B, Top of The World Garden, Dongcheng
(next to Starbucks) 东城区天骄峰景B区22-24栋115-116号铺 (星巴克旁)