Class IN A Glass: JW Whiskey

Situated across the road from the big Culture Center theater complex in Wanjiang, the exterior of this two-month-young whiskey bar makes it fit in seamlessly with the surrounding shops and apartment complexes, but do not let that fool you. Once you open the door to go inside, you’ll instantly find yourself swept away into a single malt universe. No, you wouldn’t want to leave early at all either, as the leather chairs and sofas embody everything you may have ever or never known as comfortable. Not only that but the Eurocentric décor will also keep you spellbound, as if you’re belonging to another time and place.

The walls of wine and whiskey stand proudly next to the bar counter, behind glass doors and with a black-gray staircase snaking upwards, of which you cannot help but stare at. At more than four meters high, these walls sport some of the top brand names from around the world; France, Chile, South Africa, Australia, Italy, etc. Adjacent to the bar they have a shop which is much bigger and, let me tell you, literally anything you may want will certainly be there and is readily available. The prices in the shop differ from brand to brand and obviously vary with age respectively. From Highlands Park to Macallan and Tomatin to The Glenlivet… there’re just so many to mention—whatever your poison is, they’ve got it.

The barman John isn’t only quite knowledgeable but he is also a gentleman who dresses to the nines in suit and tie and loves engaging his customers, whether they’re whiskey virgins, connoisseurs, or somewhere in the middle. For tastings, he prepares three glasses on a stylish wooden tray with each bottle enticingly brand-bragging behind it. If you order mid-range ones, it will cost you a good 150 RMB. If you order from the top shelf behind him, you’d better fork out a well-merited 300 RMB. For those who already have a favorite whiskey, depending on its quality, you’ll pay either 60 RMB for a proper mid-level one or 120 RMB for one from the elite shelf.

My colleague and I particularly enjoyed the 21-year-old Glenfiddich and the Clynelish. The Chinese Kavalan whiskey from Taiwan also made a very good lasting impression. I found myself sitting back in my chair and just relaxing as if on a lazy holiday. Head on down to JW Whiskey, unequivocally and categorically a terrific hangout spot for comfort and class, between friends and colleagues.

Address: No. 101, building#1, Shang Dong International, Hongfu Xi Rd, Wanjiang