Food & Fate: Destiny Coffee

Back home, it is often the case whereby getting together with family on a Sunday for coffee and breakfast at a local restaurant is the norm, before going straight back to bed for an afternoon nap. I never expected China to present the opportunity, but with this coffee shop and restaurant hybrid, I’m willing to bet that we’ll all certainly be destined to repeat this custom. With delicious food, home-brewed coffee and an impressive four floors including a special VIP rooftop section, this is no ordinary coffee shop.

Across the road from Dynacity, the place definitely found itself in a prime spot and parking is no problem. Even if you use shared bikes or taxis, it is easy to get to. The entrance is adorned with inviting wooden tables and the scent of freshly brewed coffee is certainly alluring. Inside, shelves can be seen sporting all sorts of teas from around the world and locally prepared bags of coffee; then there’s the menu that literally accommodates all kinds of occasions—whether breakfast, lunch or supper. From American to British breakfasts to pastas and salads, Destiny boasts a wide array that caters to any taste. For brunch they have hamburgers and sandwiches for 59 RMB, the hash brown based Regal Europe breakfast for a mere 49 RMB, children’s meals and the ribs breakfast called “I Am Queen.” Lunch and dinner options include Japanese style curry dishes (42 RMB) and tasty Angus beef steak. Their pastas range between 52 and 68 RMB and are served in generous portions. I’ll also recommend their French Fried Lamb Rack which isn’t only succulent, but priced at a reasonable 119 RMB.

The second floor is where the magic happens, as you can discover their coffee machines, bags of beans and more interesting high-end equipment. See and smell the intoxicating process of making coffee from scratch, and appreciate the tender process from raw to ready. On the third floor you can see right into the kitchen, with chefs visible while they prepare dishes. The top floor is reserved for VIP guests and special occasions, and believe me when I say that you’d be pleasantly surprised by the hidden area. Why not book a party and see for yourself?

For those who wish to learn more about coffee and how to distinguish between all the varying flavors and brands, Destiny also offers classes. Add their WeChat account (ID: q3253776727) for more information if you’re interested. All in all, a great place and one that certainly leaves you wanting more.

Address: Destiny Coffee, Shop D08, 13 Bowls Food Mile, Dongsheng Road, Dongcheng 东城东升路东城十三碗D08商铺