Purple Buns and All: Homie Hot Dog

We can talk about fine dining another time, because this place deserves its acclaim this month—Homie Hot Dog in Moon Bay Plaza, Dongcheng. With such a catchy name, yes, it is hot dogs. And yes, the buns are all a pretty purple color, especially on the inside.

One may think the radical color just a fad upon first glance, but let me assure you that it isn’t quite the case. Horace, the owner and creative mind behind the menu, purposefully added sweet potato to the mix, feeling that it enhances the overall experience of each one of his creations. I immediately looked at the prices too when I arrived—usually it’s an indication of quality for me, but the proof remained in the pudding—or dog, so to speak, so I ordered three as well as their berry smoothie and waited.

Horace hails from Hong Kong and in our conversation his passion for his work became quite evident. Aside from loving food, he also has a thing for cars and approaches both methodically and with care. One can also see that in his restaurant; everything is clean and precise and his staff equally as dedicated. The attention to detail is beyond what one may expect from a hot dog joint.

The Mega Hot Dog with Bolognaise priced at 37.80 RMB arrived ahead of the others, and having always been a fan of bolognaise, I wolfed it down. The sweet potato in the bread along with the meat and German sausage, cheese and sauce made for an incredible treat. Their Tuna Salad Hot Dog (33.80 RMB) followed soon after. Mixed with chopped potato and eggs with mayonnaise, this Frankfurter hot dog also delivered on its promise of awesomeness. However, it was undoubtedly the Fish Fillet hot dog that stole the moment, billed out at just 22.80 RMB. Horace mentioned how difficult it always is for most people to try to find a fast and good quality fillet in most of the usual branded shops and that he had made it his personal mission to make the most decent one in town. I was definitely blown away with the fillet’s texture and flavors, served on the purple bun with a garnish of salad.

So, in short, I definitely recommend Homie Hot Dog to anyone. It sure does set a new standard for a fast bite to eat and you won’t be disappointed in the least.

Address: Shop B52-1, 1st floor, Area B, Moon Bay Plaza