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 What is Ultimate Frisbee? 


Ultimate Frisbee is a competitive sport with no physical contact. It combines the advantages of basketball’s footwork, football’s running, and American football’s scoring. As a competitive sport, the reason why everyone likes Ultimate is because of its spirit of never giving up. Keep fighting no matter what. This lesson is true on the playing field and in life.


Not having a referee on the field is one of Ultimate’s greatest charms. It requires the children to make their own decisions and encourages sportsmanship and integrity. To achieve this type of refereeing, children must respect each other and respect their decisions. This is the “Ultimate Frisbee Spirit.”


HERE! Coaching has been trying to advocate certain values to help the young to develop not only their physical skills (coordination, strength, endurance), but to also help them become a person with social and behavioral abilities in the society as a whole. 

HERE! Coaching一直致力于倡导通过运动帮助青少年成长为独立完整个体的价值观和提高身体素质(协调能力、力量、耐力等)。

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 Tracing it back to the source 


In 1968, Columbia High School in New Jersey, USA invented this energetic sport. In 2001, it was included in the World Game (World Games) project. It became a team sport that combines sports features from football, American football, and basketball. The New York Times ranked Ultimate Frisbee the world’s fastest growing sport.

1968年美国新泽西州的哥伦比亚高中发明了这项活力十足的运动;2001年列入World Game(世界运动会)项目,成为一项融合了橄榄球、足球和篮球等运动特点的团队型运动,亦曾被《纽约时报》评为世界上发展速度最快的运动。

In 2013, the Olympic Committee recognized the World Frisbee Federation as a international sports organization, making it possible for Frisbee to be included in the next Olympics.


In the past 50 years, Ultimate Frisbee Sports has globalized rapidly from a high school in New Jersey, to American college campuses, to be played and loved around the world. 


 Fair and Open



Ultimate Frisbee is a very inclusive sport. Frisbee even at the highest levels has some teams with boys and girls on the same team. Tournaments often include a track for women’s, men’s, and mixed gender teams.

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