DG’s 1st Classic Barber’s

A traditional barber’s pole in white, blue and red rotates at the corner of the store, with three vintage barber chairs sat between a massive floor-to-ceiling window—welcome to Dongguan’s first and only barbershop.

As traditional as it is, this barbershop is for gentlemen only. Currently, they mainly work with hairstyles such as slicked back, buzz cut, afro hair, dreadlocks—what’s more, beard-shaving and grooming. A reservation is recommended since there are only two barbers on site daily. They have been trained by the industry-renowned brand “SAGS,” which has branches also in Guangzhou, Foshan and Hangzhou.

Chinese overseas lady May opened this shop with her husband Sky, who is fascinated by the barbershop culture and had experienced different ones in many countries during trips they went on. With interest, they partnered with SAGS for this Dongguan branch.

True to its name, “Mr. Barber & Whisky” presents some unique whisky and cigars, hidden for your discovery. Generally, a haircut costs 198 RMB and includes one drink (whisky, cocktail or mocktail). For beard-shaving it’s the same and beard-grooming costs half. Besides that, some branded items such as pomade and conditioner are for sale.

Barbershop opens from 1 to 9 pm and the bar remains open until 2 am. Make a reservation by calling: 22290832.

Address: Shop#116, Building#19, 33 Town